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Your Secret Weapon to a No B.S. (Bridal Stress) Planning Experience

Wedding planning can be stressful! Angela Proffitt, celebrity wedding planner, gives some tips on how to cut the bridal stress! Read More
angela proffitt 04/20/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments
the twisted twig

Santa Barbara - THE TWISTED TWIG

Flowers are such an important part at every wedding. For beautiful and eye attracting floral designs, head over to The Twisted Twig! Read More
04/17/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments
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How Many People Should You Take Gown Shopping?

Picking out your wedding gown is hard enough and you don't need the added stress from your entourage. Here are some tips from celebrity wedding planner, Randy Fenoli, on who to take with you! Read More
Randy Fenoli 04/06/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments
cannons seafood grill restaurant

Orange County - Cannons Seafood Grill Restaurant

Orange County has a ton of beautiful venues. None of them compare to the view at Cannons Seafood Grill Restaurant! With a view like theirs, they are second to none! Read More
04/05/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments
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Wedding Planning with Preston Bailey

Planning your big day can be stressful! Learn the secret to enjoying your wedding from celebrity planner, Preston Bailey! Read More
Preston Bailey 04/03/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments
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Getting your hair and make-up done is a luxury you should splurge on when getting married. The Decorated Bride provides make-up and hair artistry for most stylish brides. Read More
03/30/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments
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Let Inspiration Be Your Guide

Want advice for planning your dream wedding? Here's some wisdom from celebrity wedding planner, Andy Kushner! Read More
Andy Kushner 03/28/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments
idesign events


Unique weddings are a big hit nowadays. With IDesign Events, they have you covered and can provide every unique thing you need for your big day! Read More
03/24/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments
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Which Service Style is Right for You

Food is a big part of your wedding. Get some tips on which service to pick from celebrity designer and planner, Danielle Couick! Read More
Danielle Couick 03/22/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments
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Orange County - THE BLOOMING BUD

Booking the perfect florist is essential for a great wedding. The Blooming Bud is the perfect place to get beautiful flowers designed in an organic way! Read More
03/21/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments
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What's Your Bouquet Style?

What are the best flowers for different wedding-types? Here are some great pairs from best selling author and celebrity wedding planner, Colin Cowie! Read More
Colin Cowie 03/16/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments
vegas event lights


The use of lights have become more popular amongst wedding couples. Vegas Event Lights will impact the mood of any wedding reception or ceremony! Read More
03/15/2017 | Category: Blog | Tags: | With 0 Comments